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  • Why are A5 or A4 DTF prints so much more expensive than an A3?
    The reason for this increased cost is because DTF printers aren't like normal printers that you just switch on and print. You first have to get the humidity and temperature of the room correct either with a dehumidifier, humidifier, aircon or heater. After that you have to pull all the inks on your printer and do head cleans. The head cleans use a lot of ink and there is wastage. The inks are very expensive, usually in the region of R1600 upwards per colour (5 colours) plus the white ink which costs R1900 approximately. This means when you print just an A5 or A3 its just not worthwhile hence the increased cost. We encourage our clients to rather put together images on an A3 page as this saves them money. For 10 A3 pages plus we do offer a cheaper price.
  • What are your embroidery minimums and set up costs
    We can do once-offs so that the customer can see whether they are happy with the product but there will always be a once-off digitising set up fee usually in the region of R200 to R300. This image is then available for all future work and you wont have to pay again to have the same logo digitized. Obviously the more items you do the better price we can offer you so if you just wanted one cap for instance it may be charged at a higher fee than if you were doing 50.
  • In what format should I be sending in my print work?
    We prefer files to be in png format and/or pdf with a transparent background. The prices offered are for "print ready" documents. We shouldn't have to edit and/or check that they look ok. We are meant to just print as they are although we do assist where we can by offering small edits such as resizing, removing backgrounds and arranging on the sheet for minimal fees.
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